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4th &32 Power Rankings Week 13

Updated: Dec 9, 2021

**Team (record) (W/L streak) (aggregate score from individual power rankings)

1. Green Bay Packers (9-3) (W1) (8)

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Will Einfalt: Force of nature

Ethan Seu: Rodgers + Adams = Unstoppable

Michael Duane: High powered offense will need to make up for a defense marred by injuries down the stretch

Cole Smithson: Any team that can overcome the emotion of a vaccine scandal is fine with me. Looking at you Bucs

2. Arizona Cardinals (10-2) (W2) (9)

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Will Einfalt: Backups can beat most of the league (well to be fair a lot of teams suck)

Ethan Seu: If Murray is healthy this team could go all the way…. That’s a big IF

Michael Duane: Well balanced team. Have shown they’re competitive regardless of health of stars

Cole Smithson: Defense is way better than anyone thought. Kliff living large in AZ

3. New England Patriots (9-4) (W7) (11)

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Will Einfalt: This team is scary and I just want them to be bad Ethan Seu: Hottest Team in the League, rookie QB with nothing to lose, playing with house money Michael Duane: Unstoppable, One of the best defenses in nfl and hot offense Cole Smithson: Bill’s back in the lab cooking up some phenomenal gameplans. Defense is incredible

4. Tampa Bay Buccaneers (9-3) (W3) (12)

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Will Einfalt: Brady is gonna play until 60 - Will Einfalt Ethan Seu: Brady for MVP, you can never doubt this team with 12 under center - Ethan Seu Michael Duane: Brady is locked in once again and could win another ring. - Michael Duane Cole Smithson: They’re going to win it all again aren’t they? - Cole Smithson

5. Los Angeles Rams (8-4) (W1) (27)

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Will Einfalt: All in on a super bowl Ethan Seu: Need to figure out the roles for their stars, well coached team, if Stafford stays healthy this offense can contend against anyone Michael Duane: Odell is starting to come alive and the Rams look scary again Cole Smithson: If Stafford can shake shake shake, Rams can get out of midseason slump and shake it off

6. Indianapolis Colts (7-6) (W1) (28)

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Will Einfalt: Too hot to touch. Jonathan Taylor is the truth

Ethan Seu: Most overlooked team in the league, tough defense all year and one of the best run games in the NFL

Michael Duane: Balanced defense and Carson Wentz leading a top form offense

Cole Smithson: Jonathan Taylor is a world beater. Wentz is the great unknown

7. Kansas City Chiefs (8-4) (W5) (28)

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Will Einfalt: Started off really bad and now they look like they did last year Ethan Seu: Super hot right now and on a roll winning games leading into the postseason chasing number 1 in the AFC, Mahomes Interceptions are an issue Michael Duane: Mahomes and the offense leading team to another division title behind stellar o-line play Cole Smithson: Chiefs are back and doing it with defense. Scary going forward

8. Buffalo Bills (7-5) (L1) (31)

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Will Einfalt: Josh Allen is prime Cam Newton and the defense is good Ethan Seu: Run game is non-existent, Josh Allen’s great ability as a QB can’t overcome that issue, defense is one of the best in the league, RIP Tre'davious White Michael Duane: Strong team looking to prove they have the depth to overcome loss of Tre White Cole Smithson: Worried about their play-calling, but they have the talent

9. Baltimore Ravens (8-4) (L1) (35)

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Will Einfalt: Football gods do not shine bright on this team, if their coach could get hurt he would be Ethan Seu: Run game and tough defense steals the show, but without them they’re fucked Michael Duane: Loss of Marlon Humphrey hurts but offense will prove Steelers loss a fluke Cole Smithson: Lamar needs to get back in rhythm. Super weird season, but I trust them to win important games

10. Dallas Cowboys (8-4) (W1) (41)

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Will Einfalt: Love how this defense is coming together to compliment the offense Ethan Seu: The most overrated team in the NFL, this team and franchise as a whole are a bunch of frauds, begrudgingly I say Trevon Diggs should definitely be considered for DPOY. Michael Duane: Team trending down, but major weapons returning could lead to a run if they get hot at the right time Cole Smithson: Dak is playing his best ball yet. So much talent on this roster

11. Tennessee Titans (8-4) (L2) (43)

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Will Einfalt: They need Henry back immediately Ethan Seu: Super banged up with injuries and lacking star power, No King Henry and a below average defense won’t get you far but a strong start is helping out, Mike Vrable is a tank. Michael Duane: Possibility of Derrick Henry returning makes team a strong playoff contender once again Cole Smithson: Drifting through mediocrity. Proving why building around one player is hard in the NFL

12. Cincinatti Bengals (7-5) (W1)(48)

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Will Einfalt: Dont know how to feel about this team, what i do know is they are fun to cheer for Ethan Seu: Burrow is an absolute Warrior, this offense is electric with their young superstars and this defense has been one of the most surprising in the league this year. Michael Duane: Will be a competitive wildcard team Cole Smithson: Can beat anyone. Can also lose to anyone. Is Zac Taylor good?

13. Los Angeles Chargers (7-5) (W1) (48)

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Will Einfalt: Great team on paper, is Herbert in a slump? Ethan Seu: Exciting offense and defensive secondary, young players are showing out, the defensive front could use more consistency Michael Duane: Starting to return to form with big Bengals win, looking like a wildcard team Cole Smithson: Offensive ceiling is incredibly high, but the floor goes deep into the Earth

14. Washington Football Team (6-6) (W4) (58)

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Will Einfalt: A team only Ethan can love Ethan Seu: A team that started off slow and is playing good football as of late behind Taylor Heinike and an improved Defensive group Michael Duane: Tough defense and balanced offensive play may lead to a wildcard berth Cole Smithson: I agree with Will. Ugh another playoff game for this bunch?

15. San Francisco 49ers (6-6) (L1) (59)

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Will Einfalt: Another team that can be really exciting, im ready to see something other than whole quarter drives to burn time

Ethan Seu: Deebo Samuel is this entire team, and now that Kittle is back the whole offense gets to eat, this team is healthy at the right time. Michael Duane: Kittle coming off his best game as a pro, but Deebo injury and limits of Jimmy G could hold them back Cole Smithson: James Goff (Jimmy G) really holding this team back. How bad can Lance be?

16. Miami Dolphins (6-7) (W5) (67)

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Will Einfalt: Young core with a fun offense Ethan Seu: Winning a lot of games as of late and trying to make their case for a playoff wild card, Tua and Jaylen Waddle have been beating down on competition Michael Duane: One of the hottest teams in the NFL, finally clicking and looking for a wildcard Cole Smithson: Have been hot, but have played nobody. I want to see them play a real team that isn’t starting Mike fucking Glennon

17. Pittsburgh Steelers (6-5-1) (W1) (68)

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Will Einfalt: Weird team, look bad from outside but coaching and skill makeup for it Ethan Seu: Mike Tomlin always finds a way to hang around and TJ Watt might be the best defensive player in football, but big Ben is so washed it hurts Michael Duane: Big win over Ravens keeps postseason hopes alive, but this team is all smoke Cole Smithson: Big Ben is cooked and he’s ready to be pulled out of the oven. Tomlin is a god

18. Denver Broncos (6-6) (L1) (75)

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Will Einfalt: They try really hard….. Just dont have IT yet. Ethan Seu: This team has some potential with their offensive talent but they need a true franchise QB and consistent Defense to be taken a little more seriously. Michael Duane: Teddy has returned to his mediocre ways, team looks like it will no longer make the playoffs Cole Smithson: Teddy B- effort on the season. Limited juice

19. Las Vegas Raiders (6-6) (L1) (77)

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Will Einfalt: Yikes

Ethan Seu: Derek Carr has been one of the best QBs in the NFL this season but injuries and off the field issues have been the story of the Raiders this year Michael Duane: Team is remaining respectable despite disasters but not a real threat Cole Smithson: Same old Raiders, but the twist is this year we’re making everyone sad nationally, not just me

20. Cleveland Browns (6-6) (L1) (79)

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Will Einfalt: Start Case Keenum already

Ethan Seu: Injuries specifically with Baker Mayfield have really hurt the Browns season. I don’t see them reaching the outcome they were hoping for going into the year.

Michael Duane: Baker limits potential of the team, not a real threat at this time

Cole Smithson: They are like their namesake as a color. Bland and not really my style

21. Philadelphia Eagles (6-7) (W1) (82)

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Will Einfalt: MInshew mania baby

Ethan Seu: Feels like a squad that doesn’t go away in games, but doesn't have all of the pieces in place to succeed this season, Siriani needs to find consistency. Michael Duane: Two serviceable QBs and a balanced rushing attack make this teams future bright Cole Smithson: I like some of the pieces, but a lot of the pieces are essentially the same. Rushing attack godly at times

22. Minnesota Vikings (5-7) (L2) (83)

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Will Einfalt: Deserve 2 losses for losing that game to the lions Ethan Seu: Kirk Cousins is playing at a very high level this year but execution in big moments is lacking, Might be Mike Zimmer’s last year Michael Duane: Lost to the Lions and likely to fall out of playoff contention Cole Smithson: Hard to win games with a Kirk Cousins sized anvil weighing you down

23. New Orleans Saints (5-7) (L5) (93)

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Ethan Seu: No consistency at QB and a hurt Alvin Kamara make games unwinnable for the Saints, feel for the defense who’s playing respectable football this year Michael Duane: Inconsistent QB play makes this season a lost cause, suspension of Deonte Harris will hurt Cole Smithson: Good luck next year boys. Jameis is dearly missed Will Einfalt: I agree with Cole, see you guys next year

24. Carolina Panthers (5-7) (L2) (96)

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Will Einfalt: Just trying to sell jerseys not win games Ethan Seu: Cam is back and losing better than ever, Firing Joe Brady is a head scratcher but this defense is one of the best in the league and deserves everyone's respect. Michael Duane: Promising season fell apart, firing Joe Brady may lead to some new offensive schemes however Cole Smithson: Ugh. Simply gross. Remember when Darnold lead the league in rushing touchdowns?

25. Seattle Seahawks (4-8) (W1) (103)

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Will Einfalt: They need a change but also in the toughest division in football Ethan Seu: This team is in a bad spot, their QB and coach may be on the way out after poor performance this year and they don’t have pieces to make something good right away Michael Duane: Lost cause season and perhaps the end of the Wilson era Cole Smithson: DangeRUSS more like below aveRUSS. Could pick off some teams at the end here though

26. Atlanta Falcons (5-7) (L1) (104)

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Will Einfalt: They have won more games than i expected them too, time to trade Matty Ice before he becomes a puddle

Ethan Seu: A struggling team, without Ridley their passing game is pretty one dimensional, Pitts and Patterson have helped this team hang around in games Michael Duane: An impressive season from an aging Matt Ryan but this franchise is due for a rebuild Cole Smithson: 30-year-old Cordarelle Patterson is their best player and it’s not even that close. Pitts will be a beast for years

27. Chicago Bears (4-8) (L1) (106)

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Will Einfalt: Oh no

Ethan Seu: Matt Nagy is on the way out, this team has no vision for the future outside of Justin Fields and they have a lot to work on. Michael Duane: Matt Nagy needs to go yesterday Cole Smithson: Everyone please check on Matt Nagy. We are worried about him

28. New York Giants (4-8) (L1) (107)

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Ethan Seu: A lot of injuries but playing really bad football this year at moments, defense has been the bright spot lately but lack of consistency and turn over at OC has shown issues with this team. Michael Duane: Joe Judge will likely keep his job but this team has nothing to look forward to except the draft (maybe) Cole Smithson: Joe Judge has to be gone. Team needs to blow it up AGAIN Brett Leichtman (filling in for Will): Not an unexciting future, Joe Judge doesn't deserve a job but I hope he keeps his forever

29. Detroit Lions (1-10-1) (W1) (117)

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Will Einfalt: Congrats on the win, how many more times do we have to watch Goff start?

Ethan Seu: Thank god i’m not friends with a Lions fan that would be a lot of sad conversations. Michael Duane: Exciting walkoff win, terrible team but at least they stay competitive Cole Smithson: They got their win. So proud of this G-league team they are scrappy

30. New York Jets (3-9) (L1) (120)

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Will Einfalt: Young and need experience Ethan Seu: Worse team, sorry Barry. Michael Duane: Maybe next year. Probably not Cole Smithson: Tough. I hate watching them and their jerseys are ugly

31. Houston Texans (2-10) (L2) (123)

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Will Einfalt: Somehow as bad as the Jags

Ethan Seu: A bad team doing a little better than expected (kind of) not much to say here. They’re a bad franchise at the moment

Michael Duane: Abysmal team incapable of scoring and bleak future

Cole Smithson: No future, no players, no public support. Move the team

32. Jacksonville Jaguars (2-10) (L4) (124)

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Will Einfalt: Could be good if Urban leaves the team tomorrow Ethan Seu: Bad team, sorry Will. Michael Duane: Urban Meyer should be fired for the amount of touches he gives to Carlos Hyde alone Cole Smithson: Urban Meyer is hilariously bad at coaching in the NFL

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