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Updated Power Rankings


  1. Rams

  2. Bills

  3. Bengals

  4. Chiefs

  5. Chargers

  6. Bucs

  7. Ravens

  8. Packers

  9. Raiders

  10. Eagles

  11. Broncos

  12. Colts

  13. 49ers

  14. Titans

  15. Cardinals

  16. Dolphins

  17. Patriots

  18. Cowboys

  19. Browns

  20. Saints

  21. Steelers

  22. Commanders

  23. Vikings

  24. Jets

  25. Lions

  26. Jags

  27. Falcons

  28. Giants

  29. Bears

  30. Panthers

  31. Seahawks

  32. Texans


  1. Bills

  2. Rams

  3. Chiefs

  4. Bucs

  5. Bengals

  6. Chargers

  7. Packers

  8. Ravens

  9. Raiders

  10. Eagles

  11. Broncos

  12. 49ers

  13. Patriots

  14. Cowboys

  15. Dolphins

  16. Titans

  17. Colts

  18. Cardinals

  19. Saints

  20. Browns

  21. Vikings

  22. Steelers

  23. Jets

  24. Lions

  25. Commanders

  26. Jags

  27. Falcons

  28. Bears

  29. Panthers

  30. Texans

  31. Seahawks

  32. Giants


  1. Rams

  2. Bills

  3. Chargers

  4. Chiefs

  5. Bengals

  6. Bucs

  7. Ravens

  8. Cardinals

  9. Packers

  10. Colts

  11. Raiders

  12. Broncos

  13. Titans

  14. 49ers

  15. Eagles

  16. Steelers

  17. Commanders

  18. Patriots

  19. Dolphins

  20. Browns

  21. Saints

  22. Vikings

  23. Cowboys

  24. Jets

  25. Lions

  26. Giants

  27. Jags

  28. Falcons

  29. Bears

  30. Panthers

  31. Seahawks

  32. Texans


  1. Rams. Super bowl winners and somehow I think they took a small step forward with additions of Allen Robinson, Bobby Wagner and the resigning of Aaron Donald.

  2. Bills. Huge leap forward I love the offseason they had and their draft was great. Look for this team to be in the AFC Championship (at least) at the end of this year.

  3. Bengals. Super bowl runner ups, they added a ton of good offensive lineman and even tho they are in a good division I expect this team to be a good playoff team in a loaded AFC.

  4. Buccaneers. This team would've plummeted if Brady had actually decided to spend time with his wife and kids but in a bad division and a reeling NFC, I expect them to battle with the Rams in the NFC Championship.

  5. Chargers. Huge step forward this offseason, this team added talent everywhere with Khalil Mack and JC Jackson as well as arguable the best guard in the draft this year I expect great things out of them.

  6. Chiefs. A bit of a slide but when you loose one of the best receivers in the league its going to hurt your offense, im looking at you Aaron Rodgers. Mahomes and Andy Reid will find ways to win but its not going to be as easy.

  7. Ravens. After a tough season last year with injuries I expect a bounce back for the Ravens as they also were just given some of the best players in the draft, similar to years past.

  8. Packers. Just like the chiefs I think they will struggle a little on offense after loosing a top 2 receiver and not number 2. Their defense is elite however and they will be a force to be reckoned with.

  9. Colts. Huge step forward after shedding Carson Wentz and adding an aging and former MVP in Matt Ryan. I also think they found a number 2 receiver in the draft (Alec pierce) and they are the best team in a bad AFC South.

  10. Eagles. Huge offseason for the Eagles and there really isn't much to say other than I expect great things and again best team in a bad NFC East.

  11. Raiders . Love the Adams and Carr connection and the addition of Chandler Jones should help this defense, look for a sneaky good team this year.

  12. Broncos. RUSS! Still the last team in the AFC West but they will be fighting for a playoff spot nonetheless.

  13. Titans. The loss of AJ Brown is going to hurt this offense but this team finds ways to win and a healthy Derrick Henry is in all my nightmares as he is all defensive coordinators as well.

  14. Dolphins. This all depends on whether or not Tua is the guy but this team can be very scary and I expect the offense to be really creative.

  15. 49ers. Lance is definitely going to start the first few games as they have a bit of an easier schedule, this is a good team but the issues with Deebo and the uncertainty in the QB room is why they fell to the middle of the rankings.

  16. Cowboys. I almost want to put them lower because of their decisions to stick with Zeke over other proven players and expect this team to fall off a bit.

  17. Browns. I really couldn't place the Browns, I think they aren't going to have Watson for at least half of the year hopefully longer but I do expect Baker to take a step up after hopefully healing up and hoping for a bigger role, possibly with a different team.

  18. Cardinals. This team always starts off super hot and then Kyler gets banged up and they fizzle out but with DeAndre Hopkins out for the first 4 games and a tough beginning of the season, this team could miss the playoffs and blow it up next year.

  19. Patriots. The entire AFC stepped up except for the Pats and a bad draft has them missing the playoffs and having one of the worst records in like 20 years .

  20. Saints. This just seemed like a good spot for the Saints. I like the addition of Olave even though I think they gave up a ton to get him.

  21. Vikings. Kirk Cousins is going to hold this team back and their defense still needs some work.

  22. Commanders. I dont know how to feel about this team, I don't think Wentz is a step up but I do think the defense could be a top 10 unit if everyone is playing up to their potential.

  23. Jaguars. After spending the most money in free agency the Jags followed it up with a bad draft after taking a project player in Walker and trading up for a guy they could've gotten in the 2nd round (Lloyd). Pray for my liver because the NFL season has been really rough on me.

  24. Lions. A great draft for this team will hopefully help them collect more wins, they had a rough stretch last year but never seemed to lose hope and they could be surprising this year.

  25. Jets. Another team with a great draft, this team be competitive again this year and if Zach Wilson takes a step forward this team could jump tremendously in the rankings.

  26. Steelers. This team went the wrong direction with Mitch the bitch and a rookie that probably won't start for them this year, they are also in a tough AFC North but they do have Mike Tomlin.

  27. Giants. Great draft as they added both of the guys I wanted the Jags to take at number 1 but I think this is Daniel Jones last year.

  28. Falcons. Losing Matt Ryan is going to hurt this team but the addition of London is huge and they are in a bad NFC South, other than the Bucs.

  29. Panthers. I hope Christain McCaffrey can return to form but this team is still a couple years away from being good and their coach is on the hot seat.

  30. Bears. Getting absolutely no help for Justin Fields and adding a defensive minded head coach and loosing their best defender in Mack this team is going to be BAD in all caps.

  31. Seahawks. This team is going to fighting for the number 1 pick and hopefully will draft a QB with it. Good luck Seattle fans its not going to be a fun year.

  32. Texans. A bad team in a bad division but they proved me wrong last year and lets see what they have this year.

AFC South

  1. Colts

  2. Titans

  3. Jaguars

  4. Texans

AFC West

  1. Chargers

  2. Chiefs

  3. Raiders

  4. Broncos

AFC North

  1. Bengals

  2. Ravens

  3. Browns

  4. Steelers

AFC East

  1. Bills

  2. Dolphins

  3. Patriots

  4. Jets

NFC South

  1. Bucs

  2. Saints

  3. Falcons

  4. Panthers

NFC North

  1. Packers

  2. Vikings

  3. Lions

  4. Bears

NFC East

  1. Eagles

  2. Cowboys

  3. Commanders

  4. Giants

NFC West

  1. Rams

  2. 49ers

  3. Cardinals

  4. Seahawks

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